Rajnai Rizling

We have several Rajnai Rizling clones on our Mindszentkálla estate. This variety was harvested when fully biologically ripe thus giving a far richer, more complex wine, with a nose in which ripe apricot dominates while minty, salty, creamy, citrussy notes are found on the tongue. After destemming, the grapes were pressed, then once the must settled we carried out fermentation at 10-15 °C in a stainless steel tank. Fermentation was handled at a low temperature for approximately 30-40 days, followed by a lengthy process of sur lies.

Year: 2022

Analytics: sugar content 6.3 g/l alcohol: 13% acid: 6.5 g/l

Which vineyard is it sourced from: Mindszentkálla

Recommended for which dishes: Emperor’s Mess/Kaiserschmarrn ("császármorzsa") with apricot jam